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I’ve mentioned before (over on the left), but it’s worth another look as they’ve recently updated the site and added some new functionality plus a little extra ‘polish’.

Best new piece of functionality: If you have a login, you can now “Reserve” an item to save any duplication. This is a half-step towards an open system that would allow anyone, login or not, to “Reserve” items, but I guess they are asking for a login to stop anyone being malicious. One thing I still don’t quite get is that the “Buy This” button doesn’t use the link that is available from the item title… I guess this is part of the business plan, driving revenue through their own associates links? But as some items may be very specific (Threadless gift vouchers for example) then it does seem a bit odd.

However, it’s still a new service so I’m sure these things will be ironed out. Mind you there is a distinct lack of the ubiquitous “BETA” badge for such a “Web 2.0” site (everyone else getting really sick of all this 2.0 stuff? Yeah, me too).

Anyway, just thought I’d mention this.


What with today being the day that is.

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