What the BEEEP!

Up and out this morning, a little stiff after my run last night, but feeling good. A few random purchases later – all sale items, including a long sleeved running top for £15 (Ron Hill no less), and a new pair of trainers (to replace the pair I bought some six years ago) – we returned home.

I’d promised to throw out my old trainers, despite them still being very comfortable.. you know how it is… and in general have a tidy up. So, armed with a bin bag in hand I ventured upstairs, opened the spare room cupboard and surveyed the devastation. Don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure most homes have an area like this, a black hole into which things are put “out of the way” only to disappear and resurface only once you’ve presumed that you’ve thrown them out.

Today I found the compass I’d been looking for last month, a USB extension cable I was looking for back in January and a pair of Sennheiser headphones that I’d completely forgotten I’d purchased. Almost like getting free gifts!

As is my wont I had some music on in the background, specifically a CD I had only purchased this morning, Queen – Live Killers. I have this on vinyl somewhere in the loft (another space that is used to “just put things” which I fear may need tackled before the year is out) but not on CD. As it was on sale for £6.99 instead of the usual £15.99, well it’d have been rude NOT to buy it… I mean I’ve got all their other albums on CD, so this one completes the collection. Well almost, surprisingly I don’t have the Flash Gordon soundtrack yet.

Anyway, I thought I may as well rip it onto the PC whilst I tidied up and was happily humming, ok singing along when BEEP BEEP BEEP.

Eh? What was that?? Did my computer just beep at me? Not heard that before… maybe it was the … nah… can’t have been the CD. Can it?

Skipping back to the start of the current track I pause, listening intently when BEEP BEEP BEEP.

Motherfuckers, they’ve beeped out Freddie Mercury!!

Apparently the record label, in their infinite wisdom, have beeped out the line “This is dedicated to a real mother fucker of a gentleman“. Bloody censorship that is… and it’s not like it’s subtle or anything… here have a listen.

See what I mean? Half a mind to take it back to the shop… once it’s finished ripping onto my PC of course…

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