Random thoughts

How big are your feet? Are they bigger now than they were a couple of years ago? Mine seem to be having just bought a pair of size 11 trainers at the weekend. I’m normally a size 10. Odd.

Passion fruit, nice but ultimately kind of annoying. Tasty, but the seeds get in the way.

Glares. I received a few over the weekend, all from parents. Is it wrong for me to ask their children to pick up something they’ve just knocked onto the floor? Especially when it no case was it accidental? Apparently so, but not wrong enough that any of them said anything, they just stood and glared at me for having the effrontery to point out that their child was misbehaving. Glares backed by guilt?

Do I possess leadership skills or am I just bossy? The next jogging session on Sunday has been cancelled but we all decided we’d turn up anyway. I was nominated to ‘lead’ the session. Flattered, secretly pleased, but still not sure how it came about.