Mice and men

Best laid plans all spoiled by a text message received at 11.40pm and a phone that continually reminds you, all too cheerily for my liking, that HEY, YOU HAVE A MESSAGE….. HEY, YOU HAVEN’T PICKED UP YOUR MESSAGE YET…. HEY, WON’T IT BE FUN WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR MESSAGE! This cheery chirrup is repeated every few minutes until you switch it off and whilst I’m not sure of the exact gap it was long enough to stop me nodding off again, but not quite short enough for me to stay awake to make sure that I had actually heard it the first time.

After 20 minutes of almost falling asleep I humphed, threw back the covers and staggered downstairs. A slight pause as I waited on the next gleeful YOOHOO, YOU STILL HAVE A MESSAGE TO READ!!, and having located the phone I took some pleasure in throwing it at the wall. I may even have chortled.

I plodded back upstairs and, with a quick glance at the clock as it ticked past midnight, I was back in bed and awaiting seven hours of undisturbed slumber. Bliss.

Alas my brain, having decided that I was vertical and, to all extents and purposes, technically awake, decided that now would be a good time to get some thinking done. I gently suggested that it should go and shaft itself as I was going back to sleep but my brain was determined and it took me over two hours of constant nagging to get it to realise that it was now the middle of the night and would it PLEASE SHUT UP!

I awoke, grumpy, lacking the amount of sleep I’d promised myself, and trying to figure out why my brain had been so obstinate last night when, suddenly, I realised that I’d had a call scheduled last night and completely forgotten about it. Oops.

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