Ohh a navel!

Does blogging about your own site count as navel-gazing?

Anyhoo… you may have noticed that the entries in the miniblog are getting longer. If you haven’t noticed let me state that “the entries in the miniblog are getting longer”.It started unconsciously but as with most things the habits we form and the way we use our own sites leads us down certain paths. I think the current “type” of posts I have, with mainly longer ones here and shorter ones in the miniblog, suite ME better and I certainly feel more comfortable about posting these days.

When I did my last re-design of this site, I made the post titles deliberately big to both lend them some visual weight and to challenge me to write posts that would be worthy of such a grand (in size at least) title. In addition, the posts I wrote up before I went on holiday a few months back, gathered quite a few comments and I’m quite proud of a couple of them. I took my time to draft and edit them, thought them through, and – and this is probably the crucial bit – I didn’t post them day after day. The gap between posts allowed more people to “see” the posts and the number of comments rose in direct relation.

So I’ve been trying to post the smaller posts in the miniblog, and keep this area free for longer posts, it’s something I’ll be continuing but does leave me with a problem. The miniblog is a bit cramped at the moment (I think) and could do with a little more room, so – and I’ve hinted at this recently – I’m redesigning. Again. Wanna peek?

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Doing my best to find a balance.

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