Rubber service

I’ve just witnessed a blatant display of sexism, it’s quite shocking when you see these things up close, especially as, being a middle-aged middle-class white male, there are few “-isms” that can be used against me (for isn’t that the true definition of an -ism, an aspect of yourself that others use against you??) and no I’m not counting “you-fat-bastard-ism”.

Anyway, one of my chores today was to get a tyre fixed for the car. Looked like a simple puncture, so on my wife’s recommendation, I took it up to a place near her office which she had used previously. Small, local run (cheap!) and great service she said. Excellent, I thought.

I dropped the tyre off and said I’d be back in about an hour as I had to run some errands. “No problem” he said. An hour later I returned and the tyre was fixed and ready for me all for the princely sum of £8. Great, I thought.

However Louise had mentioned that when she had last used the garage they had put the newly fixed tyre back on the car. And they did. FOR HER! I got a “Cheers mate” and bugger all else. Should I report them for their obviously sexist customer services??

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I couldn’t manage it my own or anything, it’s just that my nails are all dirty now…