DVD Meme

Lyle “tagged” me – what is with that anyway, so very American is it not? “Tag you’re it” I played TIG when I was a child, tee eye gee TIG! – so you get the joy of another meme. I have a love hate relationship with this. Love them cause the good ones can be quite interesting, hate them because they make me think..

The total number of DVDs, videos, and films I own.
Videos is around the 300 mark I think. DVDs (checks list) are at 112, although not all of them are bought – the joys of having a DVD recorder and Sky Movies!

The last film I bought.
Was… hmmm well I recently bought three for Louise’s birthday but I won’t count those… which would make the last film I bought… er… gosh I don’t recall it’s been so long. The Pianist? Honestly don’t remember, hardly buy any these days.

The last film I watched.
Revenge of the Sith – although if I don’t post this until later it’ll be Sin City. Ohh no that’s a lie, watched About Schmidt during the week.

My favourite five films of all time, ever.
Impossible and daft this kind of thing, a top 10 or 20 would be far more representative.

  1. The Shawshank Redemption
  2. Rear Window
  3. Pulp Fiction
  4. Sleuth
  5. The Usual Suspects

Just missing off that list are Memento, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, The Godfather, 12 Angry Men, North by Northwest, The Third Man, Fight Club, American Beauty, The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, African Queen… etc etc…

Tag (tig!!) three people and have them blog this.
pixeldiva – to see which movies are best “to knit to”.
Hydragenic – to see if Forrest Gump really IS his favourite movie.
diamond geezer – because you just know he’ll do something clever with this.

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