Passports and tickets – check
Euros (various denominations) – check
iPod full of new (and old) music – check
Camera batteries charging – check
Mobile phone chargers – check
Sunglasses and hat – check
Half the world’s supply of Tetley teabags – check
Books – still deciding
Clothes – still washing
Holiday mood – still intact from Christmas

We’re off to Spain for a week. It’ll be quiet-ish here but the janitor has the keys so you should be ok (literally: we have a house-sitter for the week).

Usually, whilst we are away, something happens. Something serious/big usually. This time the family has broken the rules and Louise’s Mum is currently lying in a Spanish hospital. This is BEFORE we are on holiday. Tut tut.

She’s fine, some chest pains but definitely not a heart attack (the translator told her she had had a minor heart attack but thankfully the Spanish doctor realised what he was saying and quickly put him right!). She’ll probably be back home before we get there but, as I’m sure you can imagine, Louise is even more keen to get there.