Today I will be posting random thoughts as and when they pop into my head. Call it an experiment if you will (or call it the desperate product of a brain-dead mind) but that’s your lot. I urge you to do the same in the comments box. Together we will create a masterpiece of nonsense. Spike will be proud.

Is there a term for that time when you are snoozing in bed and EVERY position you move into is extra comfortable?

At what point will things like this stop making me giggle? It’s childish and immature. I wish our office had cubicles. But then I hate being disturbed each and every minute of the day.

Charmin toilet paper – don’t believe the hype (too much information, right?)

Which movie should I watch tonight? The Passion of the Christ, or The Pianist?

Why IS Diet Pepsi less fizzy than Diet Coke?

Gay school – good thing or bad thing? I say long term bad thing as they aren’t learning to cope with real life. I’m sure it’s making their schooling easier but school is about more than learning ABC, it’s about learning life and unfortunately that also means dealing with bullies.

Arguments used by adults when dealing with children: “If X jumped off the Eiffel Tower, would you do that too?”

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