Mrs. Lindsay

It’s not often I post about someone in particular but I’m making an exception. I’ve known Susan for about five years and she’s become a very good friend. Over the past few years she’s had a lot of trouble with illness and it’s been painful watching her fight and struggle with a variety of symptoms, side-effects and so on.

When I first met her she was a lively, outgoing, full of self-confidence and always fun to be around. Over the past couple of years, whilst she has retained her sense of humour she has lost a lot of confidence and has become more withdrawn.

Various specialists, consultants and doctors have had her operated on, tested, prodded and she ended up taking painkillers for fun. Finally, a few months back, she got a new doctor who, when she read about all the drugs Susan was taking, was horrified.

Since then Susan has been slowly decreasing her dosages, and I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying her to and from work whilst she fidgets like a seasoned drug addict. Painful to watch, but I’ve said that already.

Originally her wedding was to be a small affair, but as can happen with these things, it grew, not hugely but enough. The stress of such occasions multiplies exponentially as you add more guests. Louise was her bridesmaid and we talked about how Susan would cope, would she get through the day, would she have another ‘attack’, or a sleepless night beforehand (as I have said to Susan, you know when she’s been up all night because she looks like shit. Friends tell friends the truth. Friends then get belted for telling the truth and wonder who made came up with that idea!).

We shouldn’t have worried. She sailed through the day like a queen, calmly observing everything, gracing people with her presence when needed. Calmness personified.

When I first met Susan, there was one word which captured her personality. Bubbly.

Susan blowing bubbles on her wedding day

Susan, it’s great to have you back, even if you have changed your surname!