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Just finished watching The Passion of the Christ. What an incredibly moving experience. I’m not hugely religious and I’m NOT going to pass judgement on the accuracy or portrayal of anything in the movie because I’m not the best qualified person to do so (this may be the first case of a blogger NOT stating an opinion for these reason, I may be mistaken though).

However if you take the movie as a glance at humanity it is stunningly brutal and accurate. From a purely “movie” viewpoint, it is excellently executed, the cinematography is delightful, and the actors were supreme. It IS very very bloody and violent. Very graphic, but it never feels like itt is being done for effect, and is handled as graciously as possible with frequent flashbacks allowing you some breathing space between the hideous imagery.

I’ve said before that I enjoy movies because I leave my disbelief at the door, so if you are like me and find yourself sucked into even the most inane drivel I warn you. This movie will brings tears of many kinds to your eyes. Horror, shame, guilt, and anguish. It is a very well crafted emotional movie.

Again some people will criticise that but I take it as what it is, a movie. It’s a bit like (oh god I don’t believe I’m gonna try this one, so please bear with me) Schindler’s List in as much as it’s a movie I think everyone should watch, no matter how painful it may be.

I’m not sure I believe in God, but I do believe that many events in the bible did happen, and the lessons that can be learned affect humanity. It’s horrifying to think that, over 2000 years later we don’t seem to have learned a thing.

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