Work, rest and play

The weekend creeps into view. Slowly.

Tomorrow we’re off to Dumbarton to catch up with family; talk about next years holiday with sister-in-law, see if my Mum’s voice has returned to normal, give my sister a big hug*,and find out how my brother-in-law enjoyed New York.

Louise is out on Saturday night so I get the TV/DVD/PS2 to myself. What to watch, what to play (Pro Evo 4 anyone? Errr… yes of course it’s legal m’laud).

Sunday and… well no plans. I’ve got the grass to maim, and some weeding wouldn’t go amiss.

Ohh and there are some international football games going on over the weekend as well. Good luck to Scotland and Wales (only because I reckon we’ll both need it).

Have a good one y’all!

P.S. I’m STILL waiting on some decent suggestions for a TV unit.. awww crap, need to look for one of those at the weekend as well..

* Hassles with her degree course, she has 0.5 of a credit to get and has been accepted back to get it! Yay!

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