(One of the dangers of writing posts when you are zombie-tired is making mistakes. Lyle has pointed one out, and I’ve subtly corrected it… read on)

Been a bit of a funny day. I’ve romped through some work, in particular one document that has been giving me a real headache suddenly *CLICKED* into place, THEN I tidied up a little, and cut the grass.

Well that’s a lie. I didn’t cut ALL of the grass.

As you should know by now I have a hate/hate relationship with my grass and my lawnmower. Whoever said Flymos were great was lying. They are the spawn of Titchmarsh.

Now, the big selling point of the Flymo is that they provide “light and easy mowing on a cushion of air”. And what happens if the surface isn’t exactly as smooth as a bowling green? Well the air gets deflected to one side, simple. Ahh but what else is going on at the same time? That’s right, grass cuttings are whirling around, trying to make their way up into the collection basket. Except, if you divert the airflow, and then they can do nothing but follow it.

Usually this is straight into the border or out onto the pavement. So it’s not the cutting of the grass that I mind, it’s the tidying up AFTER cutting the grass the narks me. Typically I can cut the grass (two lawns at the front, one at the back, none are huge) in about 45mins or so. However when you add in the edging, the sweeping up, raking, brushing and so on, then it can take up to two and a half hours.

So, at 4pm today I stopped what I was working on, and headed out to cut the grass. It was the first time it hadn’t rained all day for about three weeks I think. Or so I thought.

Yup, that’s right, no sooner had I finished cutting the main front lawn than it started raining. I cursed several times then put the lawnmower away. But, as all I had done was CUT the grass I still had about an hour of clearing up to do. In the rain. Whilst all the neighbours came home from work, most making some smart remark or another about how “that’s dedication!” and “you can start on mine after that”.

Ohh how I laughed. Falsely of course as I stood there, slightly damp and gripping the rake just that little bit harder. Bloody comedians.

And now, having been up most of LAST night, I find myself still wide awake at 1.15am and rambling on about cutting the grass.

Note to self: Get a life.