Best Comment Ever

I’d hate for anyone to miss this, so I thought I’d repost the following recently received comment (from the post below this one). I’ll let you all make your own judgement:

“Gordon”, You are a mess. Your imagination – it never ends. I have a horrific sleep disorder these days. I am constantly thinking… it is as if my thoughts just can’t be stopped or calmed down – only by a sleep med – not cool. Your photos I love. I currently own a Canon ZR70 digital video camcorder and a Nikon Coolpix 3100. I so wish I had the kind of time that you have! Your various writings and characters (personalities) are somethin’ else. I love to read. Problem: it is becoming a rather large one… my fiance knows I read your “stuff”. Well, I use to share it with him – like talk of the daily news, ya know. He wants me to discontinue reading all your web writings. I thought about saving the best(s) of your work on a jump drive. Maybe I will publish it, and accredit it to your real name when you are no longer with us. Yeah, I’ll be able to publish it… I’ll be loaded with – $$$$$$$$’s. I am getting a much better understanding of you… not like a want to meet you – I don’t think so… oh no, not a plan at all!!! I am a fan though… nonetheless. Take it for what it’s worth. My fiance, a man with superb intelligence, well known, with a law degree (making a wonderful debater)… he hates you. He doesn’t want me to give one itty bitty bit of attention to any of your “stuff”. I think he is angry now. He really hates you.

Who’d a thought!

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