Perchance to dream

Friday night. Louise was at a friend’s house for a Sex and the City party (Cosmopolitans, shrieking woman, tears, hankies… you know the drill). Afterwards they went out and I got phoned at around 2 a.m. to go and pick her up*. We get home around 3 a.m. I get to sleep sometime after 3.42 a.m.

Saturday. Up at 8.45 a.m. Things to do. Things to do.

Saturday night. Louise’s cousin’s 40th. 100 people in 70s outfits. Cheap booze (8 vodkas, 2 gins, 1 white wine, 2 breezers + mixers = £21), halls shuts at midnight so we adjourn to the private bar downstairs. Leave there at 2 a.m. and head back to the birthday boy’s house. Get back to my Mum’s, where we are staying, at 4 a.m. Get to sleep sometime after 4.28 a.m.

Sunday morning. Mother’s Day. Better get up (9.30 a.m.) ohhh head doesn’t like that too much. Decide to take Mum out. Take Gran out with us too. Coffee, wander round garden centre. Beginning to flag. Home. Lounge on sofa until 9 p.m. Eyes closing rapidly. In bed. Toss and turn. Decide to read a little. Get to sleep sometime after 2 a.m.

Monday morning. Alarm. 6.50 a.m. Fuck.

* Pre-arranged. I’m nice that way.