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Friday night. Comic Relief. Laughing at the Prime Minister, not laughing at Gervais, bed at 10pm.

Saturday. Rugby. Apologies to Ireland (but they did beat Pakistan at cricket). Bed by 10pm.

Sunday. Mother’s Day. Made Mum cry (in a good way). Visited Gran. Bed by 10pm.

Today. Can finally breath through nose. Just.


I was going to write about sleep patterns as mine seem to have shifted, but someone’s done it already.

I was going to write about the History of Mother’s Day, but someone’s done it already.

So, instead I’ll write about the past couple of days.

Saturday morning didn’t start too well. I woke with a thumping headache and thought I was in for another migraine but thankfully a couple of painkillers put paid to that. Not that we had much planned but I really didn’t want to spend the day lying in a darkened room, trying not to throw up. And no, it wasn’t alcohol related.

Ohh and whilst I remember, I get a headache most Saturday mornings without fail, any ideas? I reckon it’s because I sleep longer and it’s related to my sleeping position.

The past few days have been slightly disjointed. I sit at a computer each day, and despite my best efforts to distract myself (book list anyone?) I end up sitting at a computer in the evening as well. In a similar fashion Louise has been working hard in the evenings, more on that later, so we both decided that on Saturday night we’d unplug and spend sometime with each other.

Unfortunately we chose to watch the remake of the Italian Job but that wasn’t really the point (lightly amusing but woeful script and delivery). Mind you, in retrospect, it was almost the perfect movie as it required absolutely no brain power at all, the perfect “switch off” movie perhaps?

And yesterday was Mother’s Day. We visited my Gran, who is still strong in mind even if her body is failing her, and met my family there. They came back for dinner and drinks and I even allowed my Mum to watch Coronation Street on my TV. Doesn’t happen often!! 😉

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Hang on!

It’s March. MARCH!! How the chuff did that sneak up on me?? That means Mother’s Day, father-in-laws birthday and.. er.. some other ‘family’ things that Louise will remember. Anyway I have a complaint to make:

I want an extra day.

We had one last year, why can’t we have one this year as well? In fact why can’t we just add a day to the year EVERY year? What’s to stop us? WHO will stop us?? Well apart from the Catholic church of course, but let’s be honest here. What power do they have these days? The days of the Inquisition are long gone even if it would seem that a large portion of the aforementioned church are still living their days with that mindset. I digress, this isn’t supposed to be an anti-Catholic rant.

In fact as we didn’t adopt this calendar until 1752 aren’t we owed .. er .. 639,480 days. Can we get a petition together, maybe start a campaign? I’m sure we can find a politician to give it some backing, just tell him that for each day he gains back, he’ll get a vote.



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Friday night. Louise was at a friend’s house for a Sex and the City party (Cosmopolitans, shrieking woman, tears, hankies… you know the drill). Afterwards they went out and I got phoned at around 2 a.m. to go and pick her up*. We get home around 3 a.m. I get to sleep sometime after 3.42 a.m.

Saturday. Up at 8.45 a.m. Things to do. Things to do.

Saturday night. Louise’s cousin’s 40th. 100 people in 70s outfits. Cheap booze (8 vodkas, 2 gins, 1 white wine, 2 breezers + mixers = £21), halls shuts at midnight so we adjourn to the private bar downstairs. Leave there at 2 a.m. and head back to the birthday boy’s house. Get back to my Mum’s, where we are staying, at 4 a.m. Get to sleep sometime after 4.28 a.m.

Sunday morning. Mother’s Day. Better get up (9.30 a.m.) ohhh head doesn’t like that too much. Decide to take Mum out. Take Gran out with us too. Coffee, wander round garden centre. Beginning to flag. Home. Lounge on sofa until 9 p.m. Eyes closing rapidly. In bed. Toss and turn. Decide to read a little. Get to sleep sometime after 2 a.m.

Monday morning. Alarm. 6.50 a.m. Fuck.

* Pre-arranged. I’m nice that way.

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Looking for a simple present/gift for Mother’s Day. Ohh and the Mother in question lives in Spain!

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Loads in my head but no energy available. Project naming conventions (or lack of them), learning about photography and compiling a list of top photologs (suggestions welcomed/needed!), thinking about getting to the gym, getting 8 Mile on DVD, REALLY needing to do some tidying up tonight, Equilibrium at the cinema first, Mother’s Day, night out on Friday (although I’m double booked), Cadbury’s Finger of Fudge in the vending machine, loads of work that I should be doing, money worries (despite just ordering a digital camera), trip to London (hence the money worries), friend in hospital in two weeks, how long before the pears I bought ripen?, work at home on Friday?

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