“Believe it or not, that is the sound of an invasion, yes, that is the sound created by…” (Sorry that track started playing just as I was typing this – can you name it? – now, where was I?)

Ohh yes. That is the sound of your weekend as it zips past. Yesterday’s DIY orgasms produced a large load in the shape of a wardrobe (which I will NOT be taking on our trip to Everest, thank you Peter), and today as we are non-smokers we decided on a post-coital trip to IKEA (which is slightly masochistic, let’s be honest). This was rendered only slightly disturbing by the fact that we were meeting my Mum and Dad* there.

We spent the usual £30 in the marketplace on.. the usual nothing; candles, some storage boxes and the like. Then we grabbed some lunch, as I’m a sucker for Swedish meatballs, and headed home. A quick coffee later and it was back out to Homebase to try and find some wood to make a headboard … sigh…

Dinner at the Cricklewood Hotel (chilli chicken with cashew for me, delicious) and then home to take advantage of the clear skies and set up the telescope (I hate it when it’s cloudy, you just can’t see into number 73’s bedroom properly…).

Right now I’m editing ID3 tags and filenames of 20GB of MP3s, halfway done, rapidly losing the will to live.

Otherwise it was a quick weekend, we did some other things quite a lot too, can you guess what? 😉

* Similarly… well sort of.. last night we were discussing putting some photos up in our ‘almost finished bedroom’. We browsed through a few old albums and picked a few out. It was only after we’d picked them out that a thought occured to me: I’d really rather NOT have my parents, and hers, staring down at us whilst we … well you know … shag.