Street Painting

I received an email yesterday featuring some examples of Street Painting that were truly wonderful, for example:

I forwarded the email onto a few friends, and got a link sent back: Kurt Wenner – Street Painter extraordinaire.

I dug a little further and found that it seems he is continuing/advancing the art know as “Madonnari”.

“In 16th century Italy, artists began transforming pavement into canvas using chalk. The tradition was revived 400 years later, in 1972, when the Italian village of Grazie di Curtatone hosted the first known festival of street painting.”

Other Sites:

Unfortunately this art is never really going to catch on in Scotland. The propensity for random showers would make it a rather futile and frustrating venture.

* Is it just me or does “‘Allo ‘Allo” have a LOT to answer for?