Reading time: 2 mins I recently attended the Glastonbury Festival and, despite the mud and mayhem around me, found myself pondering an issue that we have in our documentation set. Throughout the week I was at the festival I spent a lot of time consulting a map of the festival site, trying to figure out both where I was […]

A new view

Reading time: 3 mins A few years ago, having bought my first digital camera, I realised there was much more to taking a photograph than just “point and shoot” and I started to consider the machinations of photography a bit more seriously, I read up on things like exposure, aperture, f-stops and other things with odd names to make […]

Why I am a Technical Writer

Reading time: 3 mins Having been in a bit of a lull, I recently asked those who follow me on Twitter what I should blog about. This post is in response to a suggestion from Peter Anghelides who replied: “Blog about why you became a technical author?” Which is a good a topic as any as, like many people […]

Best Post

Reading time: < 1 min For a while now I’ve been meaning to update the About page of this blog. Ideally I’d like to put a short list of the ‘best’ posts from this blog. Trouble is, whilst I’m quite happy to choose the list myself, it’s sort of tricky to find them, I mean seriously, there is a LOT […]

Psychological Music

Reading time: 2 mins I have a LOT of music. I buy a lot, borrow some, obtain others (hey, would you pass up a 4GB download of every “Now” album.. yeah I know, I should’ve too). The one thing I’ve always had a problem with is tracking my short-term listening habits. I tend to buy music in spurts. I’ll […]


Reading time: 2 mins And just like that, I’m back at work… My family came over on Friday night and off we headed to a local hotel (Avonbridge) for a birthday dinner for Louise. Great food, shockingly bad service. We didn’t even bother staying for dessert, instead grabbing some Equi’s on the way home (Equi’s is a local ice […]