Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Ignore the trailers, this is NOT a Bill Murray ‘gag’ movie. Yes it is funny in moments, and whilst the melancholic feel that pervades the entire film permeates even the funniest moments, this is no sad movie.

The story of an ageing, failing movie star and a college graduate trying to find herself, it is a wonderful study in the ‘moment’, that undefinable period of time and place and circumstances, that throws two strangers together to enjoy a wonderful time, each learning a little more about themselves. Beautifully handled, the emotional/sexual tension between the two lead characters is palpable, and Bill Murray excels at this kind of role, I hope he gets more of them in the future. Scarlett Johannson also plays her part well, the confident young woman, at ease with herself in public, but not sure of herself in private. Wonderful. A timeless movie.

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