Read fodder

Karen at Rise is looking for your top five books.

Here’s mine:

1. American Tabloid – James Ellroy
Mainly for the writing style, and in part for my fascination with this particular time period in American history (around the Kennedy assasination), a wonderful twist on the topic.

2. White Trash – John King
Straightforward enough to read, yet deals with some big issues and makes you think more about them than you realise at first. Sympathetic use of the ‘villain’ is slightly scary.

3. Adolf Hitler: My Part in His downfall – Spike Milligan
Hilarious and with a wonderful turn of language, you should read it for that alone.

4. Animal Farm – George Orwell
My first Orwell and still the one that made the biggest impact (reading 1984 in the year 1984 kinda nullified it slightly)

5. Miss Smillia’s Feeling for Snow – Peter Hoeg
Not sure why I picked this up (I suspect Catrina had an influence). Wonderful characterisation, and set in a place foreign to me, what more do you want?