Car Insurance update

Yes, the next riveting episode in the saga.

is it a saga if it’s only two entries long?

Clarification first: Elephant are owned by Admiral. The main difference is that, with Elephant you have to pay your premium in one go.

Direct Line were the most expensive, topping Churchill by a further ยฃ80, More Th>n (I hate typing that, and that’s only the first time I’ve done it) were there or thereabouts. Tesco, Norwich Union, Eagle Star, Budget, Nationwide and a few others, all came in at a similar price, but all were more expensive than my renewal quote with Admiral, and only a few offered the same level of legal cover (up to ยฃ100,000) that Admiral offer.

Having clocked the fact that Elephant and Admiral are the ‘same’ company – the big hint being the online form which is identical bar the colour scheme – I thought I’d phone Admiral and play dumb. I told the renewals department that I’d had a cheaper quote from Elephant. He quickly, and correctly, pointed out that Admiral owned Elephant, and that if I took the Elephant quote I’d have to pay it all in one go (something I’ve never been inclined to do). I hummmed and hawwwed a bit, and he said he would speak to his boss and see if he could match the Elephant quote but allow me to pay for 12 months.

He did, and I’ve managed to knock over ยฃ200 off my car insurance (works out at about ยฃ20-something quid a month cheaper).

Thanks for the tips folks!

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