Note to self
Don’t blog when drunk.
Don’t drink on an empty stomach.
Don’t take your credit card online with you when incapacitiatateatededed….
Don’t start writing about consumerism. You can hardly type it right now, let alone say it..
Don’t let friends ‘pop in’ with a nice bottle of wine.

No hang on, that last one’s not quite right

And leave them damned Galactic Toss Monkeys alone… it’s not big and it’s not clever…

(By the way, how did you manage to type this? You can hardly stay awake right now, in fact you should be in bed, mmm bed, dark, comfy, warm…)

(There are better ways of making an idiot of yourself you know, and you really should know better, tsk tsk)

Mmmmm. bed, dark, comfy, warm…