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At work we have a “music club” where we take turns to bring in albums and listen to them and then we all send slating/sarcastic/nasty emails round… sorry, we review whatever has been brought in (there is a sliding scale based on Galactic Toss Monkeys but that’s a different meme). Occasionally we hear something we like and there is much jubilation (recently M83 and The Go! Team for example), and it’s those moments that have made it worthwhile. I’ve discovered more new (and old) music in the past couple of years than I did for the ten before that.

Over the next few weeks we are changing things slightly, instead of bringing in albums you like we’ll be bringing in those albums we bought and, to our shame, have never parted with. Yes indeed the Wall of Shame has started and already the first choice has proved controversial – Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. Surely a classic!

With my brain full of other things at the moment I thought I’d steal this idea and ask you lot. Somewhere in the depths of your music collection there will be one record and one record alone that you never play, one record you regret buying yet it remains and stubbornly fights for its place in your collection. Why haven’t you gotten rid of it yet? Go on, spill the beans. Confess! and your musical sins will be forgiven or, quite possibly, mocked.


Ohh I’ll fess up, but not yet, don’t want to spoil the surprise for my co-workers (OK, here’s a hint – Alexander Bard – but that’s all you are getting, and if you Google it keep quiet!).

The comments box awaits you sinner, enter and be assured that anything uttered there will remain confidential, bound by the seal of the confessional. Except not.


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To appease the Pink one, and fyi, the gallery was created by a fantastic piece of software by the name of Express Thumbnail Creator. It’s an absolute doddle to do, simply shuffle the images you want into a folder (of course making sure they are sized and compressed properly… ahem..) then follow the wizard to get HTML pages, thumbnail graphics, everything! Very configurable, and suits my needs as I prefer to work offline with these things before FTPing them up to the site.

I’ll be tweaking the gallery for the future, and no doubt tweaking the rest of the site too, but then I think I’ve said that before.

BTW – Have you seen any Galactic Toss Monkeys recently?

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More Galactic Toss Monkeys found here. The phenomenomonomon continues…

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Quick roundup
Attracted by the picture of Marilyn Monroe I found that lip size is the key to sexual attraction, which is nice to know.
Whilst on the BBC site, I caught up on the rule changes for Formula One for this season.
I also found a link to an item we bought at the weekend which suggests that, despite arranging an induction at a local gym (for Saturday morning), we are getting lazier.
And another item we purchased for £35 in a one day offer at PC World – thanks for spotting that one Dad (ohh and for going to pick it up too).

Elsewhere, Alex has spotted more Galactic Toss Monkeys, Stuart is considering a hiatus (but Vaughan beat him to it), Mike is awfully quiet, probably recovering after the marathon competition he ran (no not ran a marathon…), Meg has a story about a drum to tell you, and I couldn’t agree more with Dan.

Catch up with the rest of you later – probably when I get back home from Daredevil.

P.S. I’m really trying hard to add title tags to my links, have you noticed?

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“Galactic Toss Monkeys”

Etc etc etc…

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Still awake
Been awake since 7:30 a.m., which given the past few days, is something of an achievement. Mind you, I’m off for a snooze now as I can hardly keep my eyes open – hey, it’s hard work catching up, cripes what’s it going to be like when we go on holiday later in the year (Nerja for two weeks).

Ohh and isn’t it just typical, I don’t go online for a few days and the Galactic Toss Monkeys creep further into the psyche… I wonder if anyone at Google has picked up on it yet…

(and while I remember I think it’s “Galactic Toss Monkeys”… ohh darn I was gonna leave this alone wasn’t I… ohh well time for snooze methinks).

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