Bleuch Part 2

Wisdom tooth has eased, and I’ve got the dentist on Wednesday to get it looked at… but building a shed in freezing conditions isn’t the best way to avoid getting a cold. *sniffle*

Mind you I managed to avoid a hangover on Saturday morning, after an excellent Friday night (bar a screw up by my credit card company leaving me cashless until I put the £280 bill from the Indian restaurant on my Visa account and took everyone else’s cash payments…). Ended up in a top bar, jukebox playing, leather sofas, open fire, silly tipsy conversations. Brill. Alex had a good night too.

Not much done today bar shifting our suite into the garage to make for the new one which should get delivered tomorrow. I say should after my recent experience with this lovely new PC I’m sitting in front of… ohh did I tell you I had gotten a new PC? 😉