Firefighters Strike
Reluctant history makers
Some random thoughts whilst I make up my mind about this:
+ Yes I agree firefighters (and those in public service) should be paid more, they risk their lives, and how do you put a value on what they do?
– But, they choose the job knowing the salary, and those in the public services are the few who, these days, have a job for life.
+ I agree that more funds should be given to all public services, looking at figures that detail how the UK compares with the rest of Europe, we fall well short.
– I don’t think that public service workers should be allowed to strike. Add to that, the current worries about terrorism that are playing out in the press alongside the fire strike and you get a rather horrible feeling deep in your gut.

I realise the strike is aimed at raising the profile of this issue, but at what cost? In the end, who wins? And more importantly, when lives may be at stake, who loses?

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