OK, having posted the link yesterday, I’ve re-read the article and have to conclude that I’m disturbed, not just by this article, but the fact that this kind of thinking is pervading further and further into society. Separating political values (if that’s the correct term) from this and you are left with the worrying thought that George Orwell was, as he has oft been declared, a visionary and that by 2084 we will be deeply ensconsed in his nightmarish vision. America as Big Brother anyone?

For the record, I am not Anti-American. I am not pro-Terrorist, but I do support the right of other people to voice their opinions against the US of A. It is a fine line that America treads, they have the ability, power, money and will to do a lot of harm against those who stand against ‘what America stands for’, but equally they have the same ability, power and money to improve the world as a whole.

It is a fine line, but one that needs to be negiotated, and in the hues of grey that govern world politics these days, it is a necessary action.

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