Lorem Ipsum

I knew most of this, but it’s always good to find everything you’ve picked up about something (over a few years) confirmed in one place. Lorem Ipsum.
“There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain….”

Also includes a Lorem Ipsum generator, and you never know when one of them will come in handy:
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Now hopefully I’ll get more search hits from Google than the usual.

And just for kicks here are the last 10:
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Google: ‘television coverage of JFK assasination’
Google: “murphy and the bricks” mp3
Askjeeves: where can I go when I have nothing better to do
Altavista: something
Yahoo: hicky pictures
Google: Ann Marie’s Nails
Yahoo: funny sms jocks
Yahoo: calvin and hobbies winamp skin