Month: <span>June 2002</span>

Before I head off to count sheep (I’m not in the slightest bit tired but I’ll try) I just want to mention Tom Cruise. I live with a fan of his (OK scarily obsessed weirdo), and we found ourselves watching Liquid News to catch him at the UK premiere of his new film Minority Report (Ohh go find a link yourself…).

I was amazed that he spent almost two hours shaking hands, signing autographs and chatting with his fans. Yes I am aware that these things are ‘good press’ but he would’ve gotten good press for an hour’s work. He was definitely in control of proceedings, to the point where, having finally gotten him into the cinema (15 minutes late already), he stopped to chat to the Liquid News reporter. Cue frantic ‘cut’ signals in the background by his entourage, which he duly ignored until the poor reporter (the rather lovely Libby Porter) cut her questions short.

Nice to see what appeared to be a genuine gesture from such a well renowned ‘ego’.

OK you cynics, I’m off to bed, have at it!

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Leanne is looking very nice these days, Chapter 2 of the naked novel is now online (via blogatelle), the stranger is quoting U2, Pinky has redecorated, and is enjoying the story from Murphy and the Bricks, based on a poem by Pat Cooksey ‘The Sick Note‘, Jennie has found her dream job (and works ‘ubergeek’ into her blog – show off!), Gert doesn’t come from Exeter, the ButtonMonkey gets ruthlessly efficient (and yes I am jealous, why can’t I be like that), I can sympathise with Caroline having had my ‘position made redundant’ twice in the past, and finally Amy mad me laugh – I hate that fart song game though…

Right, is that me all caught up? Ohh it isn’t.. well you can meander on down to my BlogRoll (right a bit then down), might see you there!


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No, not Dante’s.

There are only a few bands of which I own all their material (album wise). Queen, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Sheryl Crow, are the only ones I can remember off to the top of my head.. (possibly Alanis Morrisette and Mary J.Blige). I’m one short for the Divine Comedy (currently listening to a borrowed copy of their last album).

One thing these bands all share is consistency. Admittedly Radiohead went a bit askew, but not as far as most people seem to think and they had been leading up to it, so I’m still not sure why it (Kid A) was such a great suprise.

I digress, Neil Hannon (the man behind the band) is a genius. If you haven’t heard of them, or listened to their music (chart hits aside) I strongly suggest you check them out. Beautifully crafted, irreverent, silly, moving and wonderous all at the same time, his musical range covers 3 minute pop songs, achingly painful love songs, grandiose film score-esque pieces, all written with intelligence and thought.

Can you tell that I’m quite enjoy this album?

Read what the man himself has to say about the recent ‘split’ of the band at The Divine Comedy.

Right I’m off to book some tickets to see him at this years Edinburgh Festival (at T on the fringe)


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If you can get through the slightly cloying reasoning, and somewhat overstated and over-simplified reasoning, The Way to Happiness International seems to be on the right track… I think..

“Cultural decay is rampant, and no city or town in the world is immune to the myriad of social problems that arise in the wake of widespread violence, crime, abuse, illiteracy and immorality.

At the root of violence, crime and an unsafe environment is the lack of basic moral and ethical values. When the youth are not taught what is right and what is wrong (in a way that makes sense and that they can understand), then society becomes a dangerous place to live, work or play for all. Youngsters generally are so lacking in moral values that stealing and cheating has become the norm – the accepted behavior of the majority.

The Way to Happiness book was written in 1981 in an effort to revert the decline in basic moral values, social decay and further disintegration of integrity and human decency…

Non-religious and based entirely on common sense, the 21 values contained in the book have appeared among races and cultures throughout history. Philosophers from ancient to modern times have spoken about them.”

How often do you watch the news and wonder: where things started to go wrong? Do we have to live in this kind of society?

Right or wrong, this kind of thing makes me think one thing – at least they are doing something.

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OK, been here since 7:30 a.m. and it’s a straight day, no meetings, head down, work to do (and I’ve got a deadline as well).

I came in here early so I could work in peace and quiet.

Time: 8:06 a.m.

Work done: Zero.


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Don’t follow the NeoFlux link to the porn music radio site. It will only subscribe you to their mailing list without asking!

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Interesting guy, his music’s OK and I kinda think that most of the press around him is mis-directed. But he does look creepy. Who am I talking about? Marilyn Manson of course. (via Neoflux)


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Continuing a vague theme which spawned from a comment…

I am a contributor to the Topics Blog, and have been for a few months now (five I think). I just spotted some new names and to my horror I’ve just realised I’m one of the oldest people contributing. I’m holding onto the belief that I’m not THE oldest contributor, as a couple of people don’t mention their ages.

How am I gonna cope when I turn 29 in October?

(Was that subtle enough? Or should I have pointed you to my wishlist?)

Blogging Life

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