The Way to Happiness

If you can get through the slightly cloying reasoning, and somewhat overstated and over-simplified reasoning, The Way to Happiness International seems to be on the right track… I think..

“Cultural decay is rampant, and no city or town in the world is immune to the myriad of social problems that arise in the wake of widespread violence, crime, abuse, illiteracy and immorality.

At the root of violence, crime and an unsafe environment is the lack of basic moral and ethical values. When the youth are not taught what is right and what is wrong (in a way that makes sense and that they can understand), then society becomes a dangerous place to live, work or play for all. Youngsters generally are so lacking in moral values that stealing and cheating has become the norm – the accepted behavior of the majority.

The Way to Happiness book was written in 1981 in an effort to revert the decline in basic moral values, social decay and further disintegration of integrity and human decency…

Non-religious and based entirely on common sense, the 21 values contained in the book have appeared among races and cultures throughout history. Philosophers from ancient to modern times have spoken about them.”

How often do you watch the news and wonder: where things started to go wrong? Do we have to live in this kind of society?

Right or wrong, this kind of thing makes me think one thing – at least they are doing something.