Before I head off to count sheep (I’m not in the slightest bit tired but I’ll try) I just want to mention Tom Cruise. I live with a fan of his (OK scarily obsessed weirdo), and we found ourselves watching Liquid News to catch him at the UK premiere of his new film Minority Report (Ohh go find a link yourself…).

I was amazed that he spent almost two hours shaking hands, signing autographs and chatting with his fans. Yes I am aware that these things are ‘good press’ but he would’ve gotten good press for an hour’s work. He was definitely in control of proceedings, to the point where, having finally gotten him into the cinema (15 minutes late already), he stopped to chat to the Liquid News reporter. Cue frantic ‘cut’ signals in the background by his entourage, which he duly ignored until the poor reporter (the rather lovely Libby Porter) cut her questions short.

Nice to see what appeared to be a genuine gesture from such a well renowned ‘ego’.

OK you cynics, I’m off to bed, have at it!