Fight Club

First it was Carey, and this morning I heard two guys in the gym chatting about it. Has it just been re-issued or something? Have I been in a timewarp?

Guy 1: “Yeah watched it again, actually looks like a fun way to workout”[laughs]
Guy 2 (said seriously): “Do you think so? I don’t think they’d run a class on it here though, do you?”
Guy 1: “Nah probably not, probably be some legal reason or something that they’d use to say no”
Guy 2: “Yeah. [pause] Of course we could set something up ourselves..”
Guy 1: “Yeah we could, but we’d have to get the philosophy right.”
Guy 2 (laughing his head off): “Yeah, philosophise this!!” [punchs other guy on the arm]

[cue neanderthal chortling]

I should point out that I a member of a very nice gym, populated, on the whole, by young and middle aged professionals.

I should also point out that this conversation freaked me out a bit, and I half expected to see the two aforementioned gentlemen ‘having at it’ in the car park when I left the building.

It’s a bloody good film though..

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