Busy day yesterday but still didn’t really make that big a dent in my to-do list.. sigh… oh well.

Shopping for Father’s Day pressies today. My Dad will probably get a couple of tops, and Louise’s Dad will get a bottle of brandy and some cigars (same as always).

The rest of the day will consist of watching the England game, the Lennox/Tyson fight (in about 45 minutes repeated on the Beeb), and then heading through to Dumbarton to give aforementioned Father’s their presents. Dinner at the in-laws (steak.. yummy).

As for Sunday, well we’re leaving Sunday to it’s own devices, see what it comes up with, we’re fed up deciding what to do for it, and it never comes up with any suggestions at all…

Ohh and as it’s Saturday, that must mean it’s time for…

Saturday Scruples

1. You phone a friend at 2 a.m. but accidentally dial another friend. When his indignant voice answers, do you hang up?
Yes. Even in the fear that he has caller id and will know it was me. I’m basing this on the fact that if our phone rings at 2 a.m. and the other person hangs up, I’ll usually be asleep within the 30 secs of putting the phone down. Anyway, I fall into the “if it was important they’ll phone back” camp.

2. You’re about to buy a newspaper when you notice the vending box is open. Do you pay for the paper?
Yes I would pay. These little things are sent to test us, and it’s always hardest, when there is no-one but yourself about, to be true to your own scruples!

3. A new business opportunity could make you rich. Do you try to involve family members and in-laws?
NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I would take the risk myself and if it paid off, I would make sure I spread my new found wealth around the family (just not too thinly…). Hey, call me a capitalistic pig if you want, well I’d rather you didn’t obviously, but.. ahh sue me for wanting to be rich…