ShortPopUp – sometimes you just find a piece of software, something simple, that does exactly what you’ve been looking for since, well since Windows 95. Display the contents of a folder from the taskbar (including the ability to filter the list). Simple and allows me to pull my playlists from my ‘Music’ directory, fire up WinAmp and (with the aid of the auto start plugin for WinAmp) starting playing automatically. Nice for me, a huge bonus for Louise as it saves her rooting about to find ‘her’ playlist.

Ohhh and while I remember, I’m kinda liking WinBar too, but TClock will ALWAYS reign supreme. Don’t believe me? Ask Virtual Plastic.. (advance warning: ensure you have plenty of room on your hard drive before you visit, you’ll be downloading stuff by the bucket load!). Ohhh and YMMV, but please take the time to read the documentation, before you install any of these glorious pieces of freeware.