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Top Ten Signs Your Weblog Might Suck.

Sex loses net appeal (via Hydragenic) “Some analysts believe that searching for porn has decreased simply because there is no need to look for it these days.” Alternatively because everyone now knows the good site and has a list of bookmarks as long as their arm. Obviously I’m guessing here…

It is true though, I’ll happily plead guilty to “jump[ing] on and off the web search engines in little spurts, many times on the same topic”. I’ve commented here about the effect the Internet has on shortening attention spans. But if those little spurts mean I absorb information better then surely it’s a god thing. We’ve all seen the graph that shows how attention drops after the first 15-20mins of a training course.

Note to self: where is the new logo?

Mainstream interest in blogs. Interesting take on the recent upsurge of interest in blogging. Thing is I’m never sure how large a piece of salt to take with Neale…