Walker's Pass

Once upon a time there was a couple who thought they’d try some red wine. They browsed the shelves and picked out a wine from California, a Cabernet Sauvignon – labelled “Walker’s Pass”. They purchased some other goods and went home. Once home they put away their shopping and opened the wine. After a couple of hours they had a glass.

Pure heaven. Fruity, no tannins, FAR too drinkable. Delicious.

They promptly finished the bottle and on the next trip to the shop bought three.

Several months later and the shop in question doesn’t stock the wine any more. The assistant isn’t sure why. So the couple try another shop, and another, and another, they search the internet. They search in vain. WHY are the Gods punishing us so?!! WHY!!!!!!

If anyone out there (UK preferably) knows where we can get hold of some of this nectar, please, for the love of all things good and alcoholic, contact me.