Off to gym in a few minutes. My bag’s packed and ready to go, only trouble is that it will take about 20 mins to walk there, I’ll spend about an hour or so on an exercise bike, or treadmill or something, then have to walk 20 mins back to the station. Two workouts in one! Must be positive, must be positive, must be… maybe going on a Monday isn’t such a good idea?

Weekend was quiet, dinner at in-laws (back from their hols), lunch at my parents. Very relaxing Sunday. Saturday was quiet too, just us. Next weekend is already pencilled in as D.I.Y. weekend. Painting the office wall (three are white, one is currently covered in a ‘lovely’ rose patterned wallpaper), shelves to go up in the kitchen (x 2), and a curtain rail to hang. That’s the plan for the moment. I’ve no doubt it will change throughout the week, and if we get one of the aforementioned items done I’ll be nicely suprised.

Ohh, I didn’t want to mention this, as I’m still a long way from completing, but a new design is on the horizon, which may (or may not) include CSS switching… I’m getting all clever with this CSS stuff now, maybe too clever for my own good, so don’t be getting your hopes up.

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