Food rules In short, yes it IS that bad to use ketchup when eating steak. Steak should be enjoyed unadulterated. No peppercorn sauce, Diane sauce, or other such extravagances. A properly cooked steak will be succulent and juicy and will melt away in your mouth. Ketchup, steak, bad.

Mind you it’s better than someone who is very close to me (you could say we were married) who likes to dollop ketchup alongside her steamed salmon. I’m not sure a word exists that describes the evilness that this is pertaining to. I mean, ketchup and salmon… bleuch.. (I’m hoping that the ketchup in question isn’t green).

However I should temper this with my own guilty admissions. Tuna, Smash (Instant potato) and beans make a quick healthy dinner (sort of…). Banana, ham, and cheese sandwiches. Actually ignore that, they’re STILL not as bad as ketchup with steak.

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