Friday Five

The Friday Five
1. Hey, baby, what’s your sign? Do you think it fits you pretty well?
I’m a Libra, and it always seems to be a bit tight for me, maybe I should lose some weight.

2. What’s the worst birthday gift you’ve ever received?
NOT being taken our for dinner. I was promised a slap up meal for my 21st – I didn’t want a party or any fuss. So I got all dressed up, my Mum & Dad came down to pick me up, and then said they had to pick something up in the house. Turned out they had thrown a surprise party for me. I’m STILL waiting for that meal! 😉

3. What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received?
A surprise party for my 21st! That and a Ben Sherman shirt from an aunt and uncle. She passed away (tragically early) a couple of years ago, but the shirt lives on and I think of her every time I see it hanging in the cupboard.

4. What’s the best way you’ve celebrated your birthday thus far?
Sounds terrible, but when we moved to the South of England, I had one birthday with just Louise and I. A wonderful meal in a beautiful thatched cottage restaurant out in the country (their Beef Wellington was to die for…). Quiet, relaxed, wonderful.

5. What are your plans for this weekend?
Closing the door, battening down the hatches to keep the weather out, turning up the heating and hibernating. Which probably means we will end up touring about and spending too much money. Big plans to finish the three books I’m currently reading.