Survived footie. Night out (company thing) in Stirling, should be fun, haven’t been drunk for ages!

I’ve downloaded NextStart in another step to finding a system I can use – very customisable, skinnable etc etc. Might even lead to me rekindle my interest in design software skins, but not until I’ve finished the website re-design…

The internet fiasco in the UK continues, my unmetered 24/7 access ends soon (end of month), and I’ll probably switch to BT’s evening and weekend deal. I’ve hunted about, but looks like I’m going to have to rely on the regulatory body to do SomeTHiNG!

Hewlett Packards current adverts over here make me laugh – a newspaper straight to your PC, presuming you can afford to have a permanent connection of course. Maybe the governments 1billion initiative will make a difference, just like their actions over the petrol dispute did…. hmmmm.