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Thanks to the Metro (the internet; printed) for making my morning already.

Page 3 features a nice photo of the new Dove soap ladies. Real women and twice as sexy as any anorexic Annie.
Page 17 has a look at the latest from Marks and Sparks modelled by the number ONE lady on my “list”, Helena Christensen.
Page 21 reports on the death of Prince Rainier with an accompanying photo, taken in 1956, of the lady that is number two on my “list”, Grace Kelly.

That lot certainly put a spring in my step!

Ohh and I should insert the usual “not treating woman as objects” disclaimer here but I remain unapologetic in my admiration of the female form.


A pause for a brief snapshot in my upcoming diary:

TODAY: Happy Birthday Susan, another year wise… older. Can anyone say tequila?
TONIGHT: Off to visit my Gran, see how she’s doing and see what difference having your meals made for you three times a day can make (there’s something to be said for getting old after all Susan!!).
FRIDAY: Emmmm, gosh, nothing planned! Yet. Another couple of birthdays looming though. The next on..
SATURDAY: When my brother-in-law, Paul, hits thirty.. er.. oh god I can’t remember. Not important anyway. Meeting in Jinty McGintys for drinks in the afternoon – the last time we did this I ended up very VERY “I don’t care if it IS the middle of the road I WANT A NAP!!” drunk.
SATURDAY NIGHT: Out for dinner.
SUNDAY: Recovery/Work.

What does your weekend hold, dear reader? Regale me with your plans of exotic trips, lavish nights on the town and glamourous parties.

And yes, I know it’s only Thursday. Humour me.

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Every now and then I get to this stage. I’ve got several priority ‘things’ (all from different sources, some professional, some not) and they are all fighting for space in my head. There is stuff I need to think about at home, stuff I need to think about for work, even stuff I WANT to think about for work (new stuff, much more exciting than the usual mundane drudgery). Technical stuff, ethical stuff, practical stuff, emotional stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff.

I’ve tried writing lists, hoping it would help get things organised, but after a little thought I promptly realised that ‘several’ really means ‘greater than thirty’ which just adds more stuff to my head that I hadn’t previously thought about and doesn’t really help matters.

So how come I can’t get around to starting even one of them?

What I need is a team of monkeys, so I can delegate the research part involved in most of the ‘things’… ideas man, that’s me.


Who said “Lazy bugger more like..”, I HEARD THAT!

BTW – one of the ‘things’ is wondering if I could reverse engineer After Dark – remember… flying toasters… anyone? hello??

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