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One for the Lazyweb methinks.

Is there an EASY (non-coder) way to make all images that appear in a DIV, grayscale? PHP is the preferred langauge and you can presume access to the GD Library is available on the server.

Note: I’m aware that IE users can utilise CSS for this but that’s not what I’m looking for so please don’t suggest it.

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Right, I’m pretty sure one of you clever types will be able to point me in the direction of a solution, preferably PHP or Javascript based.

What I’m trying to do is treat an image, and an associated block of HTML (text) as one block. I’d like to be able to swap blocks depending on a mouse click on a navigation link.

Clear as mud? Maybe a visual aid is needed:

visual aid

The orange and yellow bits are the “block”, and the “block” should change when I click one of the links. Sounds simple enough, right? Well I’ve been at this since 10pm to no avail. I’ve had enough. I’m off to bed.

When I check back tomorrow night there had better be some answers!! Or else I’ll … errrr… I’ll? … I’ll be left very very much where I am at the moment, stumped.


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If, like me, you struggle to keep a track of this snippet of information, that website, the quote you wanted to use, the thought that prompted a post or article, then may I suggest (and if you are using Firefox as your main browser) you install the Scrapbook extension. Once installed you can start it from the Tools menu.

It allows you to capture either URLs, snippets of websites or entire web pages. It probably does more than that, to be honest, but I’ve only been using it for a few hours (since this afternoon) and I’m already blown away. It’s just SO DARN USEFUL!

Now, how would you do this in Internet Explorer??

SITE NOTE: With thanks to Lyle and David for their helpful suggestions I’ve managed to implement a stylesheet switcher. It’s over their on the left. Not a huge choice at the moment but I was concentrating on getting it working first before worrying too much about the actual “style”. Cheers for your help guys, turns out that I’m a numpty and forgot to give the correct directory path to the CSS files (David I’d started with the ALA PHP switcher and went back to it and spotted my mistook). Suggestions for ‘new’ styles are welcomed.


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Anyone done any work with Wikis? I’m quite like the WordPress Wiki. I’ve had a look at DokuWiki but it seems, despite being aimed at creating documentation, a tad techie in outlook. Not necessarily a bad thing but I need something that doesn’t involve a lot of reading to get it up and running (Yeah I’m lazy, sue me!).

As long as it’s easy to use and handles hierarchy of topics, ohh and is PHP, then it’ll meet requirements. Suggestions please.

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Anyone know of an EASY way to import a load of links into del.icio.us?


Flickr Uploader is fab, I’m slowly moving my photos to Flickr and may yet need to sign up for a Pro account. The more I look at it the better it gets (unlike my photos…).


I have a few outstanding tasks for Scottish Blogs (all being constrained by my lack of PHP skills), which I’m hoping to tackle this weekend, yet I’m getting the urge to redesign here again. I think it needs to be … less. Not sure. Still thinking. Apathy will probably win out.


The only disadvantage of having a coffee maker in the office is my occasional habit of letting my coffee go cold. Ick.


I’ll leave this trilogy of posts here this weekend. I expect some answers and comments by Monday!

Have a good weekend y’all, y’hear.

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I’m slowly remembering how to do this thing called ‘blog’.

Next up, a question: Anyone know of a small (light on resources) PHP web server I can run on my home machine (XP Pro), for testing purposes only.. it’s a real pain to have to make changes to a PHP script, upload it, refresh the page, change the PHP, upload, refresh… etc etc..

You see I’m determined to launch the Scottish Blogs website. It’s almost there. Almost. But not quite. I just need to figure out a couple more things and it’ll be ready. Sort of… ach, it’s as near as dammit, and I can add more code to it later.

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I’ll be working tomorrow, trudging to work whilst the majority of the country … don’t. I hope you all have something planned or you will be making a mockery of the fact that I’m in work and you’re not. It’s your duty to do something!


I’m distracting myself at the moment, NBA is on in the background, but I should really be working on Scottish Blogs. Progress has been zero as I’m increasingly struggling with PHP and I’m considering buying an off-the-shelf ‘member site’ package and customising that to help out. Mind you it’s the last thing I want to spend any money on as it’s, essentially, a hobby site. I’ve kind of lost the excitment of doing it to be honest, but I’ll keep pegging away.

One thing I DO want to spend money on is a new car. We still owe a few thousand on the current car, but I reckon that the trade-in would offset that. We’ll be getting something smaller as we don’t travel far anymore and the car’s main use is getting Louise to work, a 15 minute journey at most. Not sure what though. We’ve had Renault’s for a few years, but it may be time for a change.

So, what to buy? I fancy the new Mini but it’s a bit pricey when new, not mad keen on the Clio, the new Fiesta might be an option… not sure to be honest.

Ideally I’d like something top of the range but that’s not gonna happen – one of our reasons for changing is to try and save a little money. Guess I need to pick up a copy of Auto Express this week.

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Still stuck for some reason, maybe there is too much going on.

Work is getting hectic and veering from the normal everyday work to discussions of a bigger nature about processes and business analysis and … etc etc. But then it’s always been like that, well it has for me anyway, and to be honest I’m quite glad that it’s headed back to that state – shows that things are picking up. Ohh I forgot. “I don’t blog about work”. Moving on then…

I want to write about abortion, prompted by Green Fairy. I want to write about smoking bans in Scotland, prompted by Peter. I want to write more about the redesign (and continue it), prompted by Scrivs at White Space.

But I won’t. Can’t. What? Ohhh go on then. I’ll keep it brief.

Abortion – I believe in the woman’s right to choose.
Smoking – I believe a ban is a good thing. I like air.
Redesign – I WILL implement a style sheet switcher and allow both bigger fonts and a more minimal site design.

There. I did it. Composed a blog post from nothing. Ain’t I clever.

I’m off to bugger about with Scottish Blogs – if you hear a muffled scream that involves PHP code don’t worry, it’s just me.

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