Where are we going?

Reading time: 2 mins As the end of the year starts to draw close, inevitably thoughts turn to 2011 and the challenges that may lie ahead. From a product point of view we are starting to get a feel of how the year will shape up, and so we can start to look at how our team negotiates the […]

Hacking Author-it Webhelp

Reading time: 4 mins Finding the right solution for a problem isn’t always easy but sometimes, if you are very lucky, the solution will fall straight into your lap. Such was the case with our switch to Author-it even though we didn’t fully realise it at the time. I’ve covered our reasons for switching from FrameMaker to Author-it elsewhere, […]

Analyse this

Reading time: 2 mins Let me tell you a story. In it our hero (me) fights valiantly against two Javascript dragons called Webhelp and Google Analytics. It’s a bloody battle and at the end, when all the fighting is done, well … you’ll have to read on and find out. Some background first. We have a developer community website […]

Numbers game

Reading time: < 1 min Better documentation lowers support calls, is a widely held assumption and one I’m hoping to prove in the coming months. With our new knowledge centre in place, and Google Analytics tracking how many people are visiting it, I’ll soon have stats for my side of the fence. Early numbers (from the past two weeks) show […]

Access is good

Reading time: 1 min Yesterday we launched a new version of our developer community website. It doesn’t have many ‘community’ features as yet but that’s all to come. One thing it does now have is an HTML version of all of our product documentation, in an easily searchable format. It’s no coincidence that it looks very much like the […]

My iPhone Apps – update

Reading time: 2 mins It’s been a while since I mentioned my lovely iPhone and the applications I have installed on it, and as I’m sure there will be a fresh splurge of iPhone mania come June (there is a new version of the phone software coming out which addresses a lot of the shortcomings of the current version), […]