My iPhone Apps – update

It’s been a while since I mentioned my lovely iPhone and the applications I have installed on it, and as I’m sure there will be a fresh splurge of iPhone mania come June (there is a new version of the phone software coming out which addresses a lot of the shortcomings of the current version), I thought I’d post this update now.

I’m not going to cover all of the screens though, just the new applications.


New Apps
The following are all new since my last update:

  • Tweetie – replaced Twitterific due to a richer featureset (although a new version of Twitterific will be out soon)
  • Flickit – replaced Mobile Fotos as my “upload to Flickr” choice. Lovely, simple, slick application this.
  • ITN News – part of me is still disappointed the BBC app was so bad, this one is easy to use and quick to load, uses images and videos well.
  • Groupsas mentioned earlier, this is a slick replacement to the default Contacts app. WAY better, and some really nice touches.
  • ConvertBot – WILL replace Units, originally downloaded as it’s by the same people who make the wonderful WeightBot.
  • Tipulator – mainly because it featured in one of the iPhone adverts. Nice app though, and yes a calculator COULD do the same thing… shut up.
  • G-Park – more handy than it sounds, park your car, ‘mark’ the spot and even take photos and add notes to make sure you don’t get lost.
  • Dictionary – from As a writer I’m constantly asked what words mean so this is very handy
  • LinkedIn – for various reasons my usage of this website has increased recently, so thought I’d try the iPhone app
  • RDP – Remote Desktop Client, handy for when I can’t be arsed running upstairs to the PC
  • Allowance – pulls your O2 data to let you see what call, text and data allowance you still have
  • Ego – nice little app that lets you take a quick look at your own web stats, including RSS Feeds, Google Analytics and more
  • Analytics – I use Google Analytics for all my websites and this app allows an in-depth look at current stats. It’s better than the Google Analytics website if you ask me
  • Tumblr – not used much to be honest, most of my Tumblr activity happens through the browser

And yes, I do delete applications. I’ve probably deleted more than I’ve kept!

Layout notes
The main four applications that are docked in the bottom bar all show notifications of events, that’s the main reason Safari is no longer there. The rest of the screens are ordered by usage, somewhat arbitarily I admit, but it works for me.

I’ve gotten most of my Apps by word of mouth from friends, but I do monitor the RSS feeds from MacApper and the iPhone Central website.


  1. Didn’t know about that Allowance app… nice one. I’m with you on ConvertBot too, brilliant wee thing, surprisingly fun to use.

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