Holiday weekending

More by happenstance than any form of planning, this past holiday weekend was a busy one, and ohhh so very good!

On Friday one of my best friends was in town which means beers and tasty foods (courtesy of Platform). it’s always good when we congregate, much laughter and nonsense, including curing my hiccups; the trick is to stand arms outstretched, chest out, and let someone help you take a couple of sips of beer/water, then a deep breath, and you are cured. It actually worked, although by that point in the evening, trusting it wasn’t a prank was not easy!

Saturday and we head out with Dave (the socialable one) to the Glasgow Vet school Rodeo! We met my sister and niece and then spent a glorious afternoon wandering the field taking in the various stalls, letting Dave cool down by belly flopping in numerous paddling pools, and then we watched a (hilarious) duck herding display! Add in ice cream, petting snakes and lizards, and some great photos of a very happy Dave and we headed home happy.

Saturday evening we helped celebrate our friend Sharons 40th birthday with fancy dress; I went as a Space Hopper, Becca as Sully (Monsters Inc). A great turnout (no surprise there, Sharon is good people!) and some great costumes. The theme was ‘S’ in case you haven’t figured it out…

Sunday was another sunny one, and we popped the bikes in the car (note: get a bigger car) and drove through to Linlithgow to hit the canal path. Originally aiming for a couple of hours, we all ended up happy to pootle on, crossing the viaduct, going through the Falkirk Tunnel (which was VERY cold inside) before a brief stop for ice cream and coffees at the Falkirk Wheel before heading back. Wonderful.

As we drove back home, we formulated a plan to get up early the next morning. Knowing it was going to be another hot one, we figured we’d take Dave and Sasha out super early before it got too hot, and we had Ben A’an in our sights. Sure the 5.30am alarm wasn’t much fun but by the time we got to the top with nary a soul in sight it was well worth it. Sitting at the bottom end of the Trossachs, despite the hazy morning mist, the views were stunning!

And that was the weekend.

How was yours?