It's not easy being green

Reading time: < 1 min Last year I flew to America (visiting Boston and Chicago) and this year I’ll be flying to London (twice) and to Singapore later in the year. I’m travelling much more than I used to so I guess it’s only natural that I’m pondering how to rebalance my carbon emissions. This definitely played into my decision […]

And slowly, it became right

Reading time: 2 mins Decluttering continues, hampered only by a sudden lack of interest. I’m not surprised of course, that’s how it always is with me, all excited and raring to go at the start before… meh.. apathy and distractions. One of which has been catching up with the latest travelogue from Michael Palin. It’s been fascinating to learn […]

Mixed Fruit

Reading time: 2 mins I do feel a little guilty doing this kind of post for the second time in as many days but.. well.. see the previous post as to why. So let’s start with, and you knew it would be this way, the recent Apple ‘event’ (product launch). If that doesn’t interest you, skip the next paragraph […]


Reading time: < 1 min Yes, still sniffling, but the worst has passed. In some ways this cold/man-flu has been a pain in the ass, in other ways it’s been helpful. Ohhh who am I kidding… I was going to say that it’s helped me realise how much I’ve been enjoying my jogging, and that it’s given me time to […]

The Brothers Grimm

Reading time: < 1 min Movie info from IMDB Movie reviews from Metacritic Terry Gilliam has a certain way with imagery, you either love it or can’t quite figure it out. For the most part I love it and this story, of the two young Grimm brothers and the supposed origin of their famous fairytales, is a perfect foil for […]

Out with the old

Reading time: 2 mins Apparently, this site is one of 14.4 million other similar sites. Presumably, and I’m certain someone far smart than me will be able to formulate this better, of those 14.4 million, only a portion of them can be directly compared to this site. Of that portion, there will be other factors that will set my […]