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April Fool! hahahahaha

Such is the hilarity and spirit of the day, a day where every passing moment is met with another outburst of laughter at yet another ‘fool’.

Or not, as it would seem many people have had a silliness bypass (I’m a big fan of silly). To which I say “pfffffftt”.

Twitter is the main culprit, spoiling all the fun by allowing people a quick outlet for all the “ohhh, have you spotted THIS April Fool” and “ohhhh, I wouldn’t have fallen for THAT April Fool”. Which just ruins any possiblity of the element of surprise.

And don’t even get me started on the tone adopted by many, that condescending sneer at all the idiots that were taken in, it’s very unbecoming.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite happy for you to opt-out of April Fool, and I don’t like the gags that don’t allow people to avoid them, but if you really think it’s all a bit silly and beneath you then, do me a favour, shut up. Let us “idiots” and “silly people” enjoy our little bit of daftness.



Er… April Fool?

Gosh, talk about backfiring.

I guess, given recent circumstances this wasn’t in the best of taste, but hey, it IS April 1st (confused? I had this page showing earlier).

This feels very like one of those moments at a party when silence crashes in and everyone turns to stare at the idiot who just broke the CD player. He stands there, blushing and embarassed and wills the ground to open up.

Fool if you think it’s over.
Top 100 Hoaxes of all time

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Seemingly we (in Scotland) celebrate this for two days, however I can’t say I’ve heard of Taily Day.

Anyway, the tradition of practical jokes is alive and well, and our poor finance assistant has just been made to stand outside in the cold rain waiting for a ‘red van’ to arrive to pick up a vital document. I think they left out there for 15 mins before admitting that it was just a prank. Very cruel. Reminds me of similar pranks: the ‘bucket of steam’, the ‘bubble for the spirit level’, or the ‘rubber hammer for glass nails’ being common ones.

Ohh and when should the April Fool pranks stop? I say 12 noon. Others say 12 midnight (others say midnite… ;-), what say you?

(Aside: seems like Blogger is playing it’s own little April Fool by not publishing…)

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Carey gets back to basics, and I must admit I’ve been thinking something similar as I’ve recently been pondering the ‘why’ and ‘who’ of this very website. Of course when Carey does it, it looks good, like a post ironic take on neo-modernism… or something…

Anyway it again brings up the subject of ‘why’. I’ve written about my ‘‘ for a website, and I think that most personal websites serve the same purpose.

The sole requirement for owning a website is because you, the author, designer, fuhrer of your webspace, want one. How you use it is down to you, no-one else. There are no rules, merely suggested guidelines, and they are only softly suggested (count how many bend, break, and completley ignore them).

Do it for you. If you want to post, post, if you want to write a 5000 word dissertation about the fate of tsetse fly in Western Africa, go right ahead. If you want to become a linkwhore, and are only in it for the pseudo celebrity, hey, that’s up to you (but ask anyone who doesn’t surf the blogging/design channels who Zeldman is and watch the blank stares).

Simplification? I don’t care. Well I do care, but about you. It’s your website, do what you want.

The funniest thing has just popped into my head, and ideal April Fool, think I’ll keep it to myself for the moment though (Ohh and I give Carey about a month before he explodes back in a glory of technicolor.. although I’m merely basing that on my own lack of self-will and addiction to this funny little place we call the web).

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There are many theories as to whether time travel is possible or not well, ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for this revelation. Every time you visit this following webpage you will be transported through time: EU may get new logo. Clever huh, although I’m not sure why they keep wanting to send everyone to April 1st.

(Whaddya mean this isn’t a joke, you’re not telling me this is serious?)

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The Register I’m guessing April Fool here, or a premonition…

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