April Fools Day

Seemingly we (in Scotland) celebrate this for two days, however I can’t say I’ve heard of Taily Day.

Anyway, the tradition of practical jokes is alive and well, and our poor finance assistant has just been made to stand outside in the cold rain waiting for a ‘red van’ to arrive to pick up a vital document. I think they left out there for 15 mins before admitting that it was just a prank. Very cruel. Reminds me of similar pranks: the ‘bucket of steam’, the ‘bubble for the spirit level’, or the ‘rubber hammer for glass nails’ being common ones.

Ohh and when should the April Fool pranks stop? I say 12 noon. Others say 12 midnight (others say midnite… ;-), what say you?

(Aside: seems like Blogger is playing it’s own little April Fool by not publishing…)

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