Pausing to give thanks

Thanksgiving is a big deal in America; what started out as a way to mark a good harvest has turned into a celebration of the good things people are thankful for. Thanksgiving isn’t, historically, exclusively American, and I do like the aspect of it that asks you to pause and take stock of the good things in your life, a very worthwhile activity any day of the week.

I have this small moments of reflection every now and then, most of them surface on Twitter but I thought this time I’d afford my thoughts a little more space.

I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, water to drink and food to eat. I am in good physical and mental health and I’m in control of my own wellbeing.

I am thankful that I have a loving family and a wonderful group of friends who support me, ground me, and are always there if I need them.

I am thankful I have a job which allows me to live a comfortable life.

And I am thankful for Kirsty and Clare. I don’t think they fully realise how much they both help me, centre me, and make me happy. I am thankful Kirsty has Mark, who provides her with the things I cannot. I am thankful Clare is starting to realise how valued she is. I’m thankful Kirsty and I started this wonderful journey.

I have a lot to be thankful for, and whilst it’s always easy to think on how things could be better in a myriad of ways, it turns out that none of them are all that important. I’m thankful for that realisation too.

I could write more, provide detail of specific moments or actions that have meant a lot to me but there is no need. All that matters is that I appreciate just how good my life is.

Thank you.