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The big picture is coming together. Development teams in seven different locations round the world, contracted technical writers in some locations, none in others and a product line that is merging… why that all sounds like a challenge!

I’m still in discussion about how we will gather information from disparate teams using different processes (some use SCRUM, we use a blend of waterfall and ‘Agile’), still trying to figure out what our deliverables will be and how they will be delivered so whilst it’s been a few weeks now, it doesn’t feel like things have changed all that much, apart from now knowing that bar one technical writer in Ireland, my team are THE team.

By my reckoning that makes us Global something or other so we are getting new business cards printed…

The realities of how we will manage the information gathering process are my main focus at the moment, I’m reaching out to team leads and managers in as many places as I can to get a better view of where we fit and where we can offer the best value. Over the past few years we’ve built the team to be more ‘service’ focussed, and whilst the bulk of that offering is centred around our product releases, we do also help out our PreSales teams and project delivery information where we can. We also work closely with our Support Team, and monitor incoming calls to understand the product usage that develops and where people trip up.

The end goal is to replicate what we do across the different sites round the globe.

The challenge will be making it happen.

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